Extraction of Caffeine 

Apparatus to be used for the experiment 
Heating up the water

Approximately 10g of calcium carbonate

Boiling the water, preparing to add the teabags

After stirring the calcium carbonate and teabags in the water

Filtering out the calcium carbonate

Solution containing mainly Caffeine and Tannins 

Steps of the experiment

Preparing to mix dichloromethane into the solution

50ml of dichloromethane is needed to pour into the solution to convert tannins into non-soluble form
The solution is then poured into the separating funnel

The solution containing caffeine and dichloromethane is separated using the rotary evaporator

End product-solid caffeine

Chlorinated waste is disposed into this container 

Acetone is used to clean the apparatus

Chemicals used are disposed into this container. 

 Fastest Ball Challenge

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